2022 Seedling Sale

Welcome to Edale Horticultural Society’s 2022 Seedling Sale!

To simplify the order and collection process we are having an online “click and collect” sale prior to our main sale on Saturday 14th May 2022.

Online orders need to be placed by Wednesday 30th March 2022.

Once the seedlings are ready, they will be brought to Edale for distribution. This will be some time in the last week of April for the seedlings that will be ready earlier and the remainder of the plants will be available to collect at the seedling sale on 14th May.

Once all orders have been completed – your final bill will be sent by email for payment by bank transfer (preferred) or cheque.

Pictures are shown as a guide and all sales are for seedlings that won’t be in flower yet. All orders are subject to availability and final prices may be adjusted slightly.

Plants have all been grown locally (Thornhill Nurseries near Bamford) and hence are hardy and acclimatised to the local conditions.

If you are struggling to order online then please feel free to phone your order through to Amy or Andy on 670546 and we will create an order for you.

All proceeds go to Edale Horticultural Society.

Thank you for your support.